Bending steel pipes and profiles allows us to produce identical series and unique elements. For work, we use the most modern CNC machines, which are very efficient and achieve high feed speeds, which significantly speeds up the process of bending steel materials. With the satisfaction of our customers in mind, we have developed a favorable price list and a wide range of production possibilities.

CNC bending of steel profiles and pipes allows us to obtain various planes, including spatial shapes, taking into account small details. Using CNC bending machines, we can form and wrap pipes according to the order. The affordable price of a specialized service, such as bending steel pipes and profiles, encourages you to entrust it to us. Contact a CARSON Ltd expert and commission professional metal processing on CNC machines.

CNC sheet metal bending

We offer a service of bending steel sheets of various thicknesses and unusual shapes using modern numerically controlled machines. The maximum bending length on the devices we use is 3100 mm, and the pressure ranges from 50 to 110 tons.

We work on modern and renowned AMADA machines.

Thanks to the use of technology and the experience of our staff, we are able to guarantee repeatability and precision of bent details.

We approach each order individually and adapt our offer to the customer’s needs.

CNC bending of pipes and profiles

The process of bending pipes and profiles involves a permanent change in the curvature of the processed metal. Some of the fibers of the material from which the pipe is made are stretched, and some are compressed.

CNC bending of pipes and profiles guarantees high quality and no flattening in the bending area. Undoubtedly, the advantage is also the shortening of the bending time compared to traditional methods.