Precision Milling

Precision Milling

Milling is probably the most common machining process in the world. Together with turning, they allow the production of virtually any part for various industrial machines and devices. In the milling process, the tool mounted in the spindle rotates around its own axis. These may be a cutter, head or drilling tool. Moving in three axes, they cut materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals or plastics, obtaining virtually any shape.

A milling machine enriched with an industrial controller and axial drives is a CNC milling machine. Instead of cranks, as in conventional machines, the machine’s axes are turned by engines controlled by a precise computer. This solution offers many benefits. The CNC machine, whose kinematics are realized by rigid ball screws, can produce elements with very high precision, even below 0.01 mm. By synchronizing the work of many axes, the computer will allow you to create complex shapes that were previously unattainable for humans in any reasonable time. However, the advantages of CNC milling machines are most visible in mass production. After setting up the machine and creating the program, the operator only needs to replace the material and check quality. This frees up a significant part of his time, allowing for production at two or more stations, so our clients can enjoy short lead times and rational pricing.

CNC milling

CNC milling is our specialty! We are proud to offer high-quality machine parts manufacturing services. Thanks to advanced milling technology, we create precise and durable products that meet the highest customer requirements. Our experienced team ensures that each project is carried out with extreme precision and attention to detail. By choosing our CNC milling services, you will receive not only excellent quality of workmanship, but also quick delivery time and competitive prices. Contact us today to get a free quote and start a fruitful cooperation. CARSON Ltd – your assurance of excellent quality and professionalism.

Equipment & possibilities

1. CINCINNATI ARROW 1000 4-axis milling center

Work space:

  • X = 1020 mm
  • Y = 510 mm
  • Z = 560 mm


Very large working space:

  • X = 2032 mm
  • Y = 762 mm
  • Z = 820 mm

Table load – 1680 kg.
After general renovation.
Very precise, machining of large-sized parts.

Thanks to the large space, you can install many devices at the same time and process many smaller details in a closed cycle.