CARSON Ltd is a leading supplier of protective coatings with an extensive global network of facilities and specialists.

With the industry’s most comprehensive offering of coating technologies, coating services and value-added solutions, we help our customers streamline coating processes, maximize production efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

We will perform a number of operations on metal, as well as protect the material by applying an appropriate coating. We offer professional metal coating with various coatings, using only proven materials with the best parameters. This guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the process – the applications we perform are characterized by: excellent durability, unrivaled protective and adhesive properties, the highest precision of coverage and perfect aesthetics of the final products. Contact us to learn more about our offer for metal coating.

Powder coating

Powder coating is one of the most effective and durable methods of covering metals.
Unlike traditional varnishes, powder paints provide smooth surfaces with high resistance to chemical and mechanical factors. The result is greater abrasion resistance than solvent-based paints.

Powder coating has been one of the main specialties of CARSON for many years. An advanced painting shop allows us to apply paints to elements of various weights and dimensions. We provide powder coating services for raw elements (black steel) as well as galvanized elements.

We offer powder coating services in 4 independent ovens with dimensions

  • 280 cm long 85 cm wide 150 cm high
  • 200 cm long, 120 cm wide, 180 cm high
  • 400 cm long, 120 cm wide, 160 cm high
  • 800 cm long, 200 cm wide, 200 cm high

In addition, we have 5 independent cabins with the Gema application.

When providing services, we only use materials from renowned manufacturers. We offer paints based on the RAL system, giving a wide range of colors.